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"I first started playing Laserscape when I was 12. My favourite game is Gallipoli."

Hours played: NO IDEA
Skill level: Come and find out
Playing type: Scout/ Recon/ Commando (Because I run in, take ground, then hunker down).
Players I respect: Smoke, he is patient, gets into the perfect position, waits, takes a shot, and..... disappears.
Cassy: You always respect someone who is better then you, and keeps shooting you.
Highest Level: Competed at Nationals 2011



"It was my seventh birthday (eight years ago) the first time I played Laserscape. Since then every time I've played it's got better and better. I have my favourite gun and I know the Laserscape battlefield well.  I know quite a lot about the different games we play. Yet every time we get introduced to a new game it seems better than the last. If you want a game that is fast paced, great fun and yet still easy to play, then play Laserscape and you've found it and I'm telling you now it doesn't get any better than this."



"As the 'Captain's' daughter, I first started playing Laserscape in 2005. Over the years, I gained stealth, wit and knowledge as I become familiar with Lasertag. The key is to listen; not only the the play and movement of the missions, but to those more experienced players who you can gain a lot from. In 2011 I worked for Challenge Paintball and Laser Skirmish in Melbourne. Later that year, with little other than experience on my side, I joined the Laserscape team for National Clan Wars."



Smoke keeps the objective of the game in mind and does what people least expect. Smoke has his own ideas on who's dangerous to him. He watches silently. If another player, regardless of age or mobility, shows that they can think as they play, or can work in a small team and aren't scared to be different - he regards these as the greatest dangers on the field and either hunts them down or efficiently avoids them. The hunting ground that Smoke favours most is Laserscapes home ground. Why is he known as "Smoke"? Some times you see him, but mostly you don't. He drifts in and out - and he is deadly.

Highest Level: Competed at Nationals 2011



"My favourite game is kids verses adults (either "Hunt the Kid" or "Hunting Dinosaurs"). Best fun. I listen carefully to the older experienced players - and I get better. My favourite gun is the Star-gate. I like playing against Smoke because he puts up a good fight."



"When I was asked about Clan Wars, I thought " BRING IT ON".  To play at that level was an awesome experience and I would do it again.  The team we have are excellent at playing at that level.  I think the best game we played was 3 Room Hold. You had to hold a room at each minute mark. Sounds easy, but it was very difficult to do, in a small area amongst inflatable barracades. It was brilliant fun with a great group of friends."

Highest Level - Competed at Nationals 2011
Laserscape's first employee (2006)



"I first started playing 6 years ago.  I now work for Laserscape as a referree. I have been working at Laserscape for nearly two years. Its an awesome game socially and have always enjoyed going on Laserscape trips (Nanga, ANCW) and playing at Clan Warfares."

Favorite LS Moments: ANCW 2011 Trip - Taking on a hundred kids at Nanga Bush Camp and only lost by running out of ammo...
Favourite gun: Stargate (P90)
Highest Level: Competed at Nationals 2011



"I First played in Queensland. Established Laserscape in Albany, first Lasertag business in WA.  Have now played in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Seriously enjoy writing new games and watching adults play with their kids. I enjoy competing against (and hopefully outsmarting) very good players. Clan games offer a new level of experience in Albany."

Highest Level: Competed at Nationals 2011
Attended ANCW Nov 2008



"I first started playing in 2010 when the game was suggested to me by frequent players. I then attended Nationals 2011 with the team and enhanced my gameplay through visual analysis. The game itself is all about enjoyment for me and it's a way to test both my body and mind in an environment where everything is unexpected. I still have a lot to learn about many different playing styles, guns and games but I always love the idea of a new challenge, regardless if it's a new player, game or environment. BRING IT ON!!!!"

Favourite gun: Stargate
Favourite Strategy: Beating players at there own strategies
Highest Level: Attended knowledge enhancement at Nationals 2011


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