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Looking for a party with a difference?

Be in the in crowd and play Laserscape, the latest entertainment sensation. Ideal for Birthdays, Bucks shows and social functions. Laserscape is an outdoor combat team sport.

Two to three teams of between 5 and 30 players do battle in a range of challenging and fun scenarios. Players are equipped with infrared phasers that shoot an invisible and harmless infrared beam, similar to the ones used in your TV remote control. Sensors worn on the opponent’s hat detect when a hit is taken.

We run competitive military simulation and combat-like missions such as VIP escort, capture the flag, seek and destroy or if you want you can just hunt the buck. It's a lot like a live counter-strike game, with a strong emphasis on small unit infantry tactics and leadership.

Laserscape is a tactical game of team based skirmishes.

It is sometimes referred to as ‘electronic paintball’, but unlike paintball it is safe, and painless. Laserscape appeals to a wide range of participants. The session fee is all inclusive - there are no hidden extras.

We have a huge arsenal of high-powered infrared weapons including sniper rifles, commandos and spitfire pistols.

With Laserscape you get:

  • The latest technology laserskirmish weapons (up to 170m range)
  • Professional Referees
  • A fantastic battlefield or we can come to you
  • Massive amount of ammunition! FREE!
  • Challenging missions to suit beginners to the most hard core players
  • Cammo shirts and hats

Talk to us about tailoring a scenario to meet your needs! All participants are required to complete a membership form prior to their first game. Anyone under 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign, you can download the membership form here (Registration Form) prior to attending on the day.

You don't have to be an athlete to play Laserscape. The level of exercise is similar to a bush walk. As long as you are healthy enough to walk around, you should be healthy enough to play laser sports. The game is ideal for ALL - male, female, young, old it doesn't matter, anyone can play!

So if you want an exceptional and memorable party, or a special social event, why not organise a function with a difference. Try Laserscape!

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