Laserscape Albany!

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To be a part of this entertainment sensation, just get a group together and make contact.

Preparing for the Game:


  • 7 types of hi-tech infra red phasers
  • Comprehensive weapon handling and safety instruction
  • Camouflage shirts and hats
  • Free, unlimited ammunition
  • Mission briefing and game plans
  • Experienced referees
  • Varied missions with a range of challenges


  • Fully enclosed sturdy footwear
  • Long pants
  • Completed membership/indemnity form for each player

If you are under 18 this must be signed by a parent or guardian (No form = No play) The form can be downloaded (Registration Form) from our website. For details and bookings contact us on 9841 367 or 0428 413 679


Laserscape operates on Old Elleker Road. Directions:- Turn off Frenchman Bay Road onto Lower Denmark Road. Drive 2 Km. Turn Right onto Lower Denmark Road. Cross the railway line. Gate is straight ahead. Park on the right. Alternatively we can come to you as Laserscape is fully mobile.

Here's a video of one of our games!!...


  • Standard Session $35 (3 hrs)
  • Junior Session $25 (2 hrs)
  • Private bookings - minimum 18 players
  • Typical sessions are 3hrs, but can range from 2hr to a full day
  • Special parties and functions - ask about a group deal!
  • Get a group together
  • Register your team and we match you with a challenger


Laserscape is played using harmless hi-tech infra-red phasers, to tag an opponent sensor. The beam is invisible and completely safe to the eyes. The equipment is similar in operation to a TV remote control. Infra-red is on the safe side of the visible spectrum. Fully tested and certified. The game is a non contact outdoor sport and is played at range. All sessions are fully supervised by experienced referees.

Laserscape is totally legal.

The phasers emit an infra red beam, and as this is not a projectile, the units are not considered to be a firearm or replica. There is no need for goggles or special safety clothing. With Laserscape there are no legal restrictions and no limitations due to age, gender or fitness. (We recommend 9 years and up)

The level of exercise is similar to a bush walk. You dont need to be an athlete to play laserscape. If your able to go bushwalking you can participate. If you can carry the phaser, you can play the game.

Laserscape is played outdoors, so you do need to be aware of the environment. The natural terrain, flora and fauna and the weather are part of the experience so stay alert, and wear long trousers and enclosed shoes (for traction and ankle protection). Remember to Slip, Slop, Slap. Safety is of course our priority. A qualified Senior First Aider and an up to date first aid kit will be on hand at all times. All applicants are required to sign a membership form prior to their first game. Anyone under 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign. Albany Laserscape carries public liability insurance. You can download the membership form here (Registration Form) prior to attending on the day.

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