Laserscape Albany!

Team Building

Laserscape provides a new dimension in training and team building.

Team work is essential for success in today's corporate, sporting and competitive world. Laserscape offers a new solution to your training needs. Laserscape is today's best opportunity to build team morale, reward your staff and clients, teach valuable business and leadership skills and just have a great time. Whether it is to build up your team or let your hair down, Laserscape is the answer.

Corporate Events

For a corporate event, you can treat the session as a fun day where staff can mingle and interact away from the office in a friendly competitive atmosphere. Alternatively we can provide you with a structured session where teams are presented with a mission scenario. They prepare a strategy, undertake the mission, and then debrief after wards to provide feedback on leadership, skills, communication and achieving team objectives

Laserscape is unparalleled when it comes to experiential learning. Find out who the real leaders and team players are in your workplace. When the pressure is on and you’re under attack, split second decisions are required.

Strategy, instruction, direction, communication and effective implementation are essential.

How do the individual in your team perform and which members can you rely upon? This could be the difference between embarrassing annihilation and glorious victory.

Latest Technologies

Utilising the latest in Infrared technologies, Laserscape provides all the benefits of combat games such as paintball, but in a more realistic, safer and less painful manner. A Laserscape game is enjoyable, low risk and hassle free. The powerful effective phasers utilise harmless Infrared beams, provide great range, unlimited free ammunition and no bruises. This means it appeals to all, young and old, male or female, which is perfect for any organisation. Now there is a safe, realistic, legal and fun way to battle it out with your business associates, clients and staff.

With the choice of venues around the Great Southern area, you can be assured that your clients and associates will be amazed at the complete Laserscape experience.

Team Development

Team development programs are available that cover everything from corporate social functions with an emphasis on fun to advanced structured learning activities that cover communication, leadership and team work run by professional facilitators.

Away from the distractions and pressure of the office environment, teams can achieve their corporate objectives via a tactical game of team based combat. Laserscape is sure to be a winner in your business.

Some of the organisations that have benefited from our outdoor laser tag games include:

  • CanTEEN
  • Great Southern Service
  • Anglicare
  • Great Southern Grammar
  • West Cape Howe Winery
  • Makit Hardware
  • WA Country Builders
  • PCYC
  • Justice Department

Why use Laserscape?

  • Reward staff or valuable clients with a fantastic, adventurous day out.
  • Give the office party a complete overhaul! Combine Laserscape with lunch and drinks for an event they will never forget.
  • Provide team building and group bonding through a challenging exhilarating and thrilling game.
  • The perfect sun downer.
  • Build your team morale; teach your management staff valuable leadership, problem solving and team work lessons with our leading edge LARP (Live Action Role Play) system. We can tailor scenarios to suit your requirements and complement your organisations training program. We include valuable lessons for your management and staff which they will learn in an interesting and enjoyable manner.
  • The missions are designed specifically for corporate teams where working together, leadership skills and effective communication are key elements to completing the teams objectives.
  • A range of weaponry, with different features and advantages encourages cooperation. The mission objectives and scoring techniques reward teamwork.
  • We are completely mobile so we can come to your location. So if you have your own venue why not fight it out on your home turf.
  • Our fantastic battlefields provide you with exciting terrains incorporating pine forests, natural bush, rocky out crops, bunkers and challenging slopes.
  • With Laserscape you have unlimited ammo and one all inclusive price (no hidden extras).
  • The phasers have an incredible range of up to 200m. There really is nothing that comes close to Laserscape.

Laserscape is the ultimate corporate training experience.


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